An Easy "Honey Do" List


Dear Men,

We know you think women are hard to understand. And believe me, most of the time we actually sort of like that about ourselves. We think of ourselves as mysterious, complicated, layered like a 3-layer truffle chocolate cake.

You find it maddening.

But most of the time, all we want is to be thought of, considered. Now, for you men, that might be hard to do, because as long as we’re clean, don’t nag too much, try and not too fat, and can cook a little, you’re pretty happy. Most of you could care less whether we ask about your day, or what you’re reading lately, or take you in for a nice, long hug. You’d rather be left alone to read your paper, or play your X-box.

So, in my many years of experience with girlfriends, listening to co-workers, roommates, sorority sisters moan and groan about the man they love, most of the time, all they want is a little consideration, and then you can go right back to your X-box. A little goes a long way.

For the next year, I’m going to give you one thing every day to do. Simple, usually free, or inexpensive, or occasionally a tiny splurge, that you can do. Don’t think, just do.  You might feel stupid at first, but believe me, you’ll like the outcome.

One, two, three sentences tops. Trust me. If you do even half of these, she’ll be putty in your hands. And most of these work for any age, any level of commitment (the “single” guy dating 7 girls, going steady, engaged, married for 40 years). She’ll love the thoughtfulness.

And now, we know you’re literal. But don’t be so. For instance, say today you stop on your way home from being a man about town, and buy her a single package of her favorite candy. If my husband came home with M & Ms, I’d be thrilled. But if you think back over to what snack you most often see your girl choose at the movies, and it’s usually popcorn or a pretzel, then maybe pick up instead a bag of gourmet flavored potato crisps instead.

No, go. Do. And tell your friends. You men should stick together. We girls do. But don’t tell your girl. This will be our little secret. I’m hear to make your lives easier. And while I won’t generalize to say this will work for every male/female dynamic, I know a lot of ladies out there who will be mighty pleased.

And P.S. – She’s going to ask you in a couple of days why you’re being so romantic all the sudden. Take credit. Just tell her you thought of her and are trying to be more considerate, that you’re lucky to have her in your life. We really just want to hear that.

Enjoy the results! Wink.


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